Discipleship Group Meeting Format

 (4-12 Members)

Live4More generally recommends that a typical Men’s Discipleship Group consists of about 4 to 12 men that meet every week or at least twice monthly. 

We should not stay away from our assembly, as is the custom of some, but encourage one another, and this all the more as you see the day drawing near.  ~ Hebrews 10:25

Download the Live4More Discipleship Group Meeting Format

Step 1 – Gathering, Worship and Prayer (About 15 minutes)

  • Worship - Beginning with a worship song which is easy for men to sing is highly recommended but optional. “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.”

  • Prayer - Spend a few minutes in prayer asking the Holy Spirit to guide the group through the discussion of the topic of this gathering. Including a brief time for intercessory prayer is suggested for established groups.

  • Life Sharing - Group members are encouraged to share how things went personally and spiritually since the previous gathering with a focus on their personal action item from the previous gathering.

Step 2 – Presentation of Material (About 25 minutes)

  • The Discussion Facilitator presents a very brief introduction of the topic.

  • The Discussion Facilitator leads the group in reading of the material (or portions of the material) or watching a video presentation.

Step 3 – Group Discussion (About 40 minutes)

  • The Discussion Facilitator leads the group in discussion of the topic by utilizing discussion questions and references provided with the materials or developed by the core leadership team prior to the gathering.

  • If the group is greater than 10 members consider breaking into smaller groups of 4-6 men during this Group Discussion time. These smaller groups are led by facilitators pre-selected before the gathering.

Step 4 - Action item/Prayer (About 10 minutes)

  • Take just a few minutes to share briefly the tone of the smaller group discussions, if the group was divided during the Group Discussion time.

  • Each group member takes a couple of minutes to silently write down one personal action item he would like to accomplish before the next gathering.

  • Make any needed announcements. Keep it brief!

  • All the men sing together a worship song (Optional). Keep it simple!

  • Close the meeting with a brief time of prayer led by one group member and concluding with all the men reciting together a common prayer such as the Our Father, the Universal Prayer or St. Michael the Archangel prayer.

Total Time – 90 minutes

Schedule Commitments:  (All group members should adhere to)

  • Make it a priority to attend all group gatherings.

  • Prepare for the next gathering by reviewing the selected material and reflecting upon the discussion questions and reference material provided with the materials.

Spiritual Training:  (All group members should practice)

  • Daily Prayer

    • Set aside at least 15 minutes each day for personal private prayer. (Gradually try to increase this time).

    • Include at least 5 minutes in this time for reading of the Scriptures.

  • Mass

    • Attend Mass each Sunday.

    • Prepare by reading the Scriptures prior to Mass (if married, with family).

    • Perform a private examination of conscience before attending Mass.

    • Daily Mass — Try to attend once or twice per month - if possible.

  • Confession

    • At least Quarterly (Gradually try to increase this frequency)

    • As needed when not in a state of grace.