Resources for Discipleship Groups

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.  ~ Proverbs 27:17

The Live4More Resources Portal is a tool box full of tools which can be used to build and maintain Men's Discipleship Groups.  Whether you are just starting a group or you are an experienced leader looking for new formation materials or a few tips on leading meetings, everything you need can be accessed through this portal.

You can view all of our resources here through this portal or you can elect to download any of them or all of them for free.  If you elect to download any of our resources, we may ask for your name, email address and parish so that we can hopefully better serve you in the future.  Thank you for visiting the Live4More Resources Portal!

Select any single tool or download the whole Tool Kit.  Either way, Live4More is with you every step of the way.  Your brothers in Christ on the Live4More Team are ready to assist you in any way we can.  We invite you to contact us and let us know how things are going with your group or how we might be able to further assist you.